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Commercial Kitchens

We have installed our HoodClean System into the kitchens of two of Bangkok’s top 5-star hotels. After only ten days of operation it destroyed the grease and animal fats that collect in the exhaust hood and flues thus reducing the risks of fire and infection.

HoodClean is designed to be easily retro-fitted inside any existing kitchen exhaust hood and only takes about two hours to install. The combination of UVC and Ozone oxidizes grease into a harmless mixture of water vapour and dry minerals – allowing staff to simply wipe down the hood with a damp cloth instead of using chemicals. The unpleasant and costly cleaning and maintenance of the hoods is no longer necessary – and the fire risk is eliminated.
An increasing environmental concern is the stench from kitchen exhausts – HoodClean eliminates that problem completely.


Clean Air Thailand HoodClean UV Kitchen Hood System Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

HoodClean Scientific Testing Program

Recent tests of the HoodClean UV system by STAR Laboratories - an approved Singapore NEA laboratory proved the reduction of odours and oil mist by over 98%.

This provides evidence of the fire risk reduction of the HoodClean UV system along with helping keep exhaust air free of bad odours.


Clean Air (Thailand) Co., Ltd has an all-British management team responsible for guaranteeing quality control levels which will be acceptable globally.

HoodClean Benefits

  • Clears oil and grease from exhaust hoods & ducting

  • Protects against fire

  • No more hood cleaning or duct maintenance

  • Eradicates odours from exhaust air

  • Easily retro-fitted to existing hoods of all sizes

  • Improved airflow and reduced operating costs

  • Full service plan and callout program available


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