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Ultra Violet




We design and manufacture many different designs of Ultra Violet Ozone systems that can either be used as a high-power 'Shock Treatment' or a low-powered unit that is perfect for bathrooms, lockers rooms or any occupied area.


Home of the ClearZone Odour Control System

A better way to freshen bathrooms,

smoking rooms and changing rooms

Clean Air Thailand ClearZone Ozone Odour Control System

Most users of public bathrooms measure the perception of cleanliness by how the room smells.

No matter how clean the actual surfaces are, if bad odours are present in a bathroom or public area the user will deem it as ‘dirty.’

Facilities managers expect their cleaning staff to be as near to perfect as possible with cleaning processes, however the production of bad odours is something that is almost impossible to control.

Ultra Violet energy, generated at 180 nanometers, produces ozone - an oxidising gas that will kill all odours.


Put into context, ozone is 3,000 times more powerful than chlorine at oxidising bacteria - the cause of many unpleasant odours.

The ClearZone UV Odour Control System has been specifically designed to emit a level of this sanitising gas that will not hide or mask odours.  It will make them disappear.

As well as killing offensive odours, the ClearZone unit will supply enough sanitising energy to lower the risk of bacterial contamination.

The same UV energy that kills odours also attacks the cell structure of bacteria and viruses that are present in the air inside toilets and changing rooms.

This is achieved without using any harmful or potentially dangerous chemicals - simply a gas that does it’s job, then disappears on its own…

Clean Air Thailand ClearZone Odour Control System
Durable design
Low operating costs
Clean Air Thailand ClearZone Odour Control System
Effective in all areas
Low maintenance costs
Clean Air Thailand ClearZone Odour Control System
Simple to use
Kills ALL odours

We are all familiar with wall-mounted fragrance dispensers that squirt perfumed spray in public toilets, changing rooms and public areas.  What we don't realise is that these aerosol sprays may in fact cause more harm than the odours they attempt to eradicate.

Fragrance dispensers merely mask the offending smells rather then destroying the source of the smells and they certainly do not disinfect the air.  Unfortunately, they also use a variety of harmful chemicals to operate as propellants (e.g. butane) and to provide the 'fresh air' smell e.g. acetone, 1,4 DCB and phthalates).

Another disadvantage is the liquid waste product expelled by the fragrance dispenser that accumulates on surfaces and can be easily transferred onto hands and then into the body.

Clean Air Thailand ClearZone Odour Control System

SO WHAT'S THE ALTERNATIVE?  The most effective deodorizer is not a spray; it is a gas called OZONE.

Ozone is Oxygen with an extra atom, and it is a gas that does not exist naturally in the earth's lower atmosphere because it is extremely unstable.  This instability makes it the most effective deodorizer and sanitizer known to man.  And when Ozone has done it's work, it reverts back to pure Oxygen, which leaves no harmful residues.

The ClearZone unit contains long-lasting state-of-the-art UV components, which makes the unit perfect for use in humid areas. 

There is no safer, cleaner and more efficient way to improve the air in toilets that are used by your customers, staff and family.

Hi-Power Portable Ozone System

We also manufacture the AirFresh portable UVO (Ultra Violet Ozone) generator which has been designed specifically for hotel housekeepers and facilities managers who need a quick, effective and permanent solution to odour problems.

Our best-selling model - the UVO-5000 will eradicate, not just mask, ALL organic odours in a standard hotel guest room (45m2) in 45 minutes or less.

This UVO-5000 destroys the smell of cigarette smoke, paints, varnishes, mold and even durian! It also drives cockroaches away by destroying the pheromones they use for marking their trails.

Many of our UVO machines are used across Asia by a diverse range of customers.  


Our main client base is hotel housekeepers, who use them to ensure their rooms are clean and fresh. We also supply homes, offices with mold/damp odour problems, restaurants, pubs, clubs and smoking rooms.

Clean Air Thailand AirFresh UV Ozone Odour Control System
CLean Air Thailand AirFresh Odour Control System
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